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Uniform 2012
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Les Beaucamps High School Uniform

We have consulted extensively with School Council and with the main suppliers of uniform locally and we are now able to provide you with a summary of the uniform we have chosen. The uniform is practical, smart and priced reasonably. We estimate that a blazer will last for around 2- 3 years and this may well represent a saving compared with the current uniform which can fade and needs to be replaced annually.

The blazer is navy blue, costs approximately £40 and is made by David Luke out of recycled plastic bottles.(This is the same material used for many professional football shirts, allowing good air circulation). The trousers/skirt are also navy blue and made by Winterbottom.  They currently retail at approximately £16.  Girls will be allowed to wear either the skirt or trousers.  The clip-on tie for years 7-10 is a pale blue colour and the year 11 tie (not clip-on) is striped and full-length.  The boy in the photo is wearing a similar tie to the one to be used for years 7 to 10.  Shanna in the photo is wearing the Y11 tie.  Long-sleeved white Winterbottom shirts complete the outfit.  Navy blue V-necked sweaters are optional.  Footwear will continue to be black shoes for all (not trainers). Boys should wear dark, plain socks and girls should wear white or black socks or plain tights.A black, dark blue or brown belt should be worn,if required.  PE kit is to remain the same for at least another year.

If you would like to make any comments, please contact the school office.


YOTS Survey

One of our aims as a school is to ensure that technology is used appropriately and effectively to support learning and teaching.

I'm aware that many of you can access the internet using all kinds of technology outside of school, whether it be a mobile phone, a computer or even a tablet. I'd like to hear about the technology you use at home, so that I can make more informed decisions about the technology we use here in our school.

Please complete the short Your Own Technology Survey (YOTS) by clicking on this link.




Rothschild Mentoring Programme

Les Beaucamps High School is delighted to be working for a second year with Rothschild Bank International Ltd on their student mentoring programme. 20 students including our Head Boy and Head Girl meet regularly with their mentors for advice and guidance on careers choices, CVs, personal statements, revision planning and even on the benefits of a good handshake! Some of the students may also be given the opportunity to spend a day at Rothschild to broaden their understanding of Guernsey’s financial industry.

Restoring lost files

If you have lost or accidently deleted files or folders on the school network click here for instructions on how to restore them.

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