Mrs Mia Abrams-Burgess Art/Photography Teacher
Ms Nicky Black Head of WRL
Mrs Nicki Bradshaw Assistant Head Teacher
Miss Natalie Cannon Science Teacher
Mrs Joyce Du Port 2nd in Maths Department
Mrs Andrea Fitton Head of R.E
Ms Karensa Gardner English Teacher
Mrs Elise Herve Head of Music
Mrs Christine Horton Head of MFL
Ms Vanessa Jordan Head of Performing Arts/HOY 9
Mrs Aly Keeling Head of History
Miss Kat Moon P.E Teacher
Mrs Christine Nicolle Maths Teacher/HOY 11
Mrs Carol Peddlesden Maths Teacher
Ms Jacqui Pendleton Graphics/Product Design Teacher/HOY 10
Mrs Eleanor Perkins English Teacher
Mrs Jill Pritchard P.E Teacher
Miss Liz Stephens English Teacher
Mrs Emma Worthington Head of Geography
Mr Peter Allison Food Technology Teacher/HOY 8
Mr Danny Barker Head of English
Mr Ray Boorer Head of Science
Mr David Costen Head of ICT
Mr Dave Hill Head of Technology
Mr Shaun Hodder 2nd in English Department
Mr Gary Lambert Deputy Head Teacher
Mr Mark Lawlor Science Teacher
Mr Chris Le Noury P.E Teacher
Mr Jamie Marten MFL Teacher
Mr Keith Calderbank Business Studies Teacher
Mr Stuart Nicolle 2nd in Science Department
Mr Julian Pascoe Science Teacher/HOY 7
Mr Adam Perkins ICT Teacher
Mr Jon Reeves BECO
Mr Nick Roberts Head of P.E
Mr Richard Sinkinson Assistant Head Teacher
Mr Phil Smith Assistant Head Teacher
Mr Paul Smith Head of Maths
Mr Rob Sweeney Head of Art

Meet our Teaching Staff

YOTS Survey

One of our aims as a school is to ensure that technology is used appropriately and effectively to support learning and teaching.

I'm aware that many of you can access the internet using all kinds of technology outside of school, whether it be a mobile phone, a computer or even a tablet. I'd like to hear about the technology you use at home, so that I can make more informed decisions about the technology we use here in our school.

Please complete the short Your Own Technology Survey (YOTS) by clicking on this link.




Rothschild Mentoring Programme

Les Beaucamps High School is delighted to be working for a second year with Rothschild Bank International Ltd on their student mentoring programme. 20 students including our Head Boy and Head Girl meet regularly with their mentors for advice and guidance on careers choices, CVs, personal statements, revision planning and even on the benefits of a good handshake! Some of the students may also be given the opportunity to spend a day at Rothschild to broaden their understanding of Guernsey’s financial industry.

Restoring lost files

If you have lost or accidently deleted files or folders on the school network click here for instructions on how to restore them.

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