The Geography Department at Les Beaucamps aims to give students a sense of awe and wonder of the World around them.  By learning how and why things happen in our beautiful World students should develop a respect and love for their planet.  The teaching and learning within the Department is aimed to give students skills for life.  A variety of independent study and group work help students to become independent learners as well as team players.

We cover a great variety of topics in Key Stage 3 from essential geographical skills such as map work and field study techniques to looking at the world work and studying coastlines and how they are managed.   We look at the violent nature of our planet by studying weather and climate as well as natural hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes.  We try to understand why there is inequality in our world and look to how we can be responsible caretakers of our planet.

At GCSE level we currently use the AQA A GCSE Geography syllabus.  We look in this course to give students a rounded qualification of Geography where we will look deeper into understanding the weather and climate, issues of world development and population issues.  In addition to this we study coasts and use our beautiful coastline as an example and an opportunity to go out and study it. We look in more detail at plate techtonics and the impact that they have on people.  The course requires a controlled assessment which is worth 25% of the final grade, this will always be a local study and gives the opportunity for students to go out and research for themselves.

As a department we have taken students on trips to London where we have studied the impact of the 2012 Olympics.  In October this year in conjunction with the Science Department we are taking 27 students to Iceland.


Head of Department

Mrs E Worthington


Teachers of Geography


Ms N Black


Mr P Smith


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